Who Edifys the Clergy? Infallible?


by: + Bishop Haralambos

When our beloved St. Paul wrote the rules of church organization, as it pertains to spiritual edification in (I Corth. chapt. 12: vs 28, chapt.- 14: vs. 3 & 12) he makes the statement; "Excel to the edifying of the Ecclesia". In verse 3 he equates edification with exhortation and comfort. The Holy Spirit is the comforter sent from the Father, by the promise of Jesus himself. Has the church forgotten the five fold ministries spoken about in verse 11 of chapter 4 in the epistle of Ephesians by St. Paul? Incidentally Paul claims his learning was directed to him in the desert of Arabia by The LORD Himself, for three years, after being a devout legalistic "Pharisee". Then he proceeded to Jerusalem with a two week Bible study with the Apostle Peter, and a very short discussion with St. James. The point being made is The Holy Spirit has all the qualifications to teach through the "Royal Priesthood", or Laity as we Greek Orthodox canonical clergymen refer to them, pillared upon Holy Scripture. Jesus, Our LORD made profound statements in the Book of Revelation especially in the first two chapters, as to his churches needs for edification or the resulting "Candle removed", if not edified. He spoke clearly to the spiritual heads, as The ANGELS of Philadelphia, Sardis, Ephesus, etc. He spoke even clearer to The Scribes, Pharisees, calling them hypocrites. Even Rabbis, all who are clergymen sitting in the seat of Moses, wearing vestments, who are engaged in proselytizing others to damnation, because of their spiritual blindness, loving their positions in uppermost rooms, chief seats, places of honor at feasts, enlarging their garments and borders; Will not give in to the Holy Spirit freedom and five fold ministries, which may or may not be adminis-tered through the Ordained Holy Priesthood solely, but may enter our Holy Ecclesia ordained by The Holy Trinity, as GOD so chooses. The eschatologists of the One Holy Apostolic Catholic Church had some very alarming warnings to the mis-direction, fully in agreement with the early Church fathers of our beloved Orthodoxy; of clergymen withdrawing from the canons, in the future historical advents, creating agendas not of The Holy Spirit's guidance. How does this ever happen? Are not the angelic Angels sent by GOD warning us, the entire Body of Christ, The Ecclesia? Are these sentinels doing their job? Or are we not heeding nor listening? Are we simply ignoring "Eschatologists"? Apostle, prophet, teacher, Evangelists, pastors, are the manifestation of the Holy Spirit given to every man to profit withal"(paraphrased). The Priests, who are the shepherds of their flocks, THE PARISHES have a tremendous, awesome, responsibility to the Orthodox Christian Churches in America, which number in the multiple hundreds in each parish. Finances, coupled with the Orthodox church calendar, spiritual events and Holy Sacraments, counseling, festivals, property maintenance, community affairs, just drain the priesthood of human energy. Has not the Head of The One undivided church, provided us with intro-spective sight to correct ourselves? Are we infallible? Are the Episcopates who have many parishes our overseers for error? Why were canons, council decisions, applied in the early churches due to heresy creeping in. We are as vulnerable today as the church fathers were yesterday. The Royal priesthood has to answer the pleas of the Holy priesthood, to interact, far beyond parish council meetings. There are spiritual needs, bible learning, edification's to be applied far beyond the Clergy/Laity forums. There are day to day cries of help. Saint Nilos, circa 1651, at Mt. Athos, Greece gave the following warning, as A Greek Orthodox prophet concerning these 20th century times. Have we heeded his words? Are needs today in World Christianity, which is harboring many apostate doctrines, unorthodox and contrary to Early Church teachings....

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