Ecumenical Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Canada and America St. Michael Academy
Orthodox Bible College


September 29,1998

President William J. Clinton
President of the United States
The White House Washington D.C. 20500


Dear President Clinton,


My writing to you as a clergyman is to exhort you at a very apparent and needful time in your Presidency. This is a good news letter to you, sent by the Mercy and Love of God Almighty, through His servant. This is not a personal opinion, but an ecclesiastical truth concerning your direction, goals, endeavors as our leader in these perilous times of Biblical history to wit, "Apocalyptic days".

You have received chastisement from the LORD, and have suffered much, shame, embarrassment, and public ridicule. Praise the LORD for that, and the fact it's all over now. You will be the best for the office of the Presidency, and no other should take your place. You have shown courage through all this, and may history repay your stance.

Repentance by you was sincere. You have been a great example to many of that need. Go on now to your task ahead, knowing many prayers will be with you.

The enclosures are self-explanatory, as to why the chastisements will now be on this nation. You may not be able to alter GOD's Judgments on the nation, but you may repeat the words of Holy Scripture, from the very Bible you have held in your hand when it was photographed many times of late in the news etc. President Reagan spoke Holy Scripture, as well as many past presidents, so why shouldn't you? Bizarre as the enclosures may seem, they are manifestations of GOD in America's life. If you decide to be a witness you will be blessed beyond all human measurements. If you decline, The LORD will judge you; not man.

Respectfully Yours,

Archbishop Haralambos Bouchlas

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