Disaster Prophesied for Space Shuttle Discovery

One of the purposes of the ministry of St. Michael Bible College of Eschatology is to deliver the end-time message, as is spelled out in the last book of the New Testament -- Revelation.

The Elijah ministry of St. Michael College and Chapel also has as its ministry to share prophecies. The latest one deals with the future of Discovery, STS-95, a space shuttle that is scheduled for launch from Cape Kennedy, Florida, on Oct. 29, 1998 at 2:00 p.m.

NOTE: The prophecy of Discovery is not contained to a specific date but, an event that will happen. Many prophets of old have prophesied events but never locked them to a date. It is for God to determine exactly when to make the prophecy a reality in our cosmos. As an example, the prophet Isaiah prophesied that a Virgin would conceive and give birth. This prophecy took approximately 700 years to complete. Remember, when a true prophet of the Lord prophecies, it will come to pass but only in the Lord's timing. All the prophet has to do is to be obedient and speak by faith the words of the Lord. The prophet Haralambos, with the Spirit of Elijah, went to Cape Canaveral and did prophecy while Discovery was on the pad. This was a result of a vision from Brother Ira and the Lord's desire for His prophet to obediently speak the words of prophecy concerning the Shuttle Discovery.

Archbishop Haralambos prophesied, in the early 1990s that the Space Shuttle Discovery would take off, but would return to land and explode.

This was re-enforced by a dream by Rev. Petros Maeyens. Fr. Maeyens recounts,

"During the early hours of Sunday, September 27, 1998, I had a dream about shuttle. I was at the Cape to watch a launch. The launch was successful but I couldn't stop thinking about the disaster of Challenger when it blew up back in 1986. I guess, even now, I hold my breath every time NASA launches a shuttle."

"In my dream, as I watched the vehicle leave the pad, I kept saying to myself, 'Go, go, go.' It seemed like it was about a minute into the flight when something went wrong. I expected the shuttle to explode, but instead it nosed over and came straight down. It landed without a problem, and after coming to a stop people started to approach it, when somebody said, "Stay back!" I noticed something flying off the front and rear of the ship as if things were being deployed for the crew to exit. A moment later the ship exploded in a terrific ball of fire. All aboard apparently were killed. That's when my dream ended."

America has been launching shuttles and utilizing all manner of technology to enhance space travel. But in the process, America has been doing all of this only so the world would exalt the sons of America and so the world would revere America's position as a force in space. We should not be exalting our American sons until we have exalted the Father's Son.