A Prophetic Report on Greek/Americans
was sent to every Orthodox Parish &
important Greek Leaders-World Leaders.
Published Oct. 21, 1980. (700) copies distributed.

RE: Pages 44,45,46 "Truth or Tradition.
The Ecumenical Movement today is not of God.
Yet, all things will do good, to those that believe.

October 5, 1981 (Delivered 10th October 1981)

nine months to the Clergy / Laity Congress.
His Eminence Archbishop Iakovos - Archdiocese
His Grace Bishop John of Atlanta - Diocese (hand delivered to the Hierarchy)
Very Reverend Bouyoucas - Parish
To all Bishops of Synod.
Greetings of respect and good tidings and obedience to our LORD JESUS CHRIST.
To an Integrated Leadership of the Church; Greek Orthodoxy in America.

Love and God's speed proceedth this message of the last opportunity to restore our portion of the BODY OF CHRIST, to the proper perspective, in the eye's of your Beloved Flock. The letter read in September from you, Bishop John, concerning Ecumenical matters and a concelebrated Liturgical service - Catholics and Orthodox clergy, only heralds prophetic words given to Reverend Bouyoucas three years ago on the Pre -Grounds disputed parish building. (St. Catherine's W.P.B., FL.)

Praying GODS discernment into your hearts first I will repeat what has been written in "Truth or Tradition" published and copyrighted in the Library of Congress, permanently; recording for all to see, weather warning and advice was needed or weather EGOTISM (You all or Me) would prevail in this matter by all concerned...From His Holiness Demitrius thru the ranks to Pope John II then back up to Our LORD, waiting to act upon according to His WORD...II KINGS Chapter X.

Scripture warns in all too many areas The Body of Christ will be a "remnant" brought together by placing CHRIST FIRST in LAYPEOPLE's HEARTS and with JESUS's LOVE...NOT a Man -Made thrust by the Leadership. The wrong way will lead to a mighty shaking at San Francisco, ending in Geneva...The heart of the Apostasia....DO NOT ELECT AN APOSTATE FALSE PROPHET TO LEAD THE ORTHODOX CHRISTIANS


Obediently Haralambos

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