April 12, 1996



By the helping hand of GOD IcXc and with the Spirit of Elijah, fulfilling Holy Scriptures, namely

'Malachi" ch. 4:5 & 6, we state the following:


We invite all you brothers and sisters, who proclaim CHRIST RESURRECTED to join us in the Elijah Ministry in a restoration of "hearts of the fathers". The time has come for the candles to be removed from the Apostate churches. False doctrines in the name of pro-test-ants will no longer stand as fellowships, protected by the Angels of Heaven.. If we by love do not unite in the JESUS that St. Paul taught thru His Holy inerrant Epistles, you will be cursed in the "days of sorrows & woes".

As Chief Administrator of our Bible College, you are invited at no cost to join us in the learning knowledge of Truth, as one of your Pastors has already done. We will require this joining together in the Spirit of Truth as a pre-requisite to Consecrated Ground; you seek to regain "CONTROL" of. If this humble request is not heeded, Our Lord & Saviour's admonishments will prevail, and the "Dead indeed, will bury the dead"



Rev. Fr. HARA/LAMBOS Bouchlas

"The Spirit of Elijah"